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With the ARPA and CARES funding, take the necessary steps to recover all of the funding while staying in compliance with Federal Regulations 2 CFR 200

Time is of the essence!

Cost Recovery

Easy as 1..2..3

  1. Assess your grants
  2. Prepare the data
  3. Obtain funding

Cost Allocation

Do you know your true cost of service? Preparing a cost allocation plan achieves this and so much more such as; budgeting, strategic planning, and identify ways to bring in more revenue.

Indirect Cost Rate

Do you have grant funding that you are not recovering your full cost of service? Having a rate will allow you to and identify if the grant you are applying for is a GOOD grant.

Why Work With Us

✔Passionate team who strives for excellence and to make a positive impact in our communities

✔Over 35+ years of combined experience in accounting, grants management, cost allocation plans and indirect cost rate proposals

✔Performed audits of cities, counties, and nonprofits for the State of California

✔Specialize in federal regulations regarding grant compliance – 2 CFR 200, A-133, and FAR

✔Recovered on average $1M in grant funding per organization and over $100M+ to date


🔥Opportunity to RECOVER $100k-$1M+ within a year and over $30M through the life of organization

🔥Our clients enjoy SAVING 65% in overhead costs by hiring a grants management consultant

🔥Cost of our services are potentially ZERO COST to your organization

🔥MAXIMIZE YOUR FUNDING to its fullest potential

🔥Implement processes to increase FINANCIAL STABILITY and PLUG REVENUE LEAKS

🔥Manage grants to help those in need and positively IMPACT in our communities

🔥Leverage our EXPERT experience in grants management and accounting

🔥Ensure COMPLIANCE with the latest regulations to not leave money on the table


City of Dubuque, IA

Cost Allocation Turned Cost Recovery

"This was our first cost plan and indirect cost rate proposal and after the process, Aleisha identified roughly $17.6M of funding left on the table for our organization...she has been a tremendous value to our City." 

City of North Las Vegas, NV

Cost Recovery

"...Despite the hurdles in the process, one thing was constant - you and your team were rock stars from the beginning to the end of the process. Your patience, expertise, and dedication to the cause were the driving force behind our success and I'm so grateful we had you on our team..."

Seniors First, Inc.

Grants Management

"...we have brought you on board to oversee our financials, grants, and audits with external auditors and we recently had a three-year audit with our funding agency and we had a clean audit with ZERO findings! We are so incredibly grateful to have you part of our team to lead us to be able to further our mission."

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