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Aleisha Beckum is a powerful entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to advocate for financial transparency to ensure that taxpayer dollars are performing at maximum efficiency. She operates both horizontally and vertically across the entire financial structure of USA’s economy and capital flow.

Who Stands for You

Aleisha Beckum is a service leader with exceptional business acumen fueled by her passion for achieving equitable distribution of wealth and bringing efficiency to the public’s financial eco-system.
Her vision is to zero in on financial waste and resource redundancy by implementing creative financial frameworks in the grants management space in public, private and non-profit sectors.

Taking Joy in Collaborations

It is the journey that matters. I always take the hand holding approach for our customers and take them through the entire path until we reach the summit. We don’t carry any baggage from the past but only hold tight to loyalty, integrity, transparency and trust. Our clients approach us with a history, but we love to start afresh with a positive energy, true intention and impeccable professionalism.
I serve three core sectors of the economy.
I have served in the public sector for almost 7 years. Transitioning into private sector, I continue to serve the public sector for grants management, financial management, cost recovery and policy making. I directly serve the Federal Government, State, Cities and Counties as well as Tribal nations.
I have served in the public sector for almost 7 years. Transitioning into private sector, I continue to serve the public sector for grants management, financial management, cost recovery and policy making. I directly serve the Federal Government, State, Cities and Counties as well as Tribal nations.
Over the last decade, I have worked closely with Non-Profits. It is close to my heart and I take personal interest in impact driven non-profit missions. My Non-profit consulting services have created social enterprises which have turned around hundreds of organizations to become financially independent by breaking the shackles of regular fund raising and donor driven public relation stunts.

“When blood flow is blocked to keep our body healthy, it’s enough evidence that the organs have failed. The inequitable distribution of wealth where cash does not flow back into the economy is a result of institutional failure and a broken financial system”.

I love America. My country has shaped me, nurtured me, and provided me with the security of true independence wherein I can stand for my rights and advocate for my fellow taxpayers.
The broken economic system with intermittent capital flow has helped me find my mission. I found opportunity amidst this foggy environment and chaos to excel professionally by helping all sectors involved to achieve a more equitable wealth distribution.
My firm has successfully positioned itself through the entire economic hierarchy which involved the flow of taxpayers’ wealth including the public, private and non-profit sector.
Today, we not only play our role in policy making with Federal Government but also work closely in deploying efficient financial systems to ensure operational transparency, financial integrity and full utilization of unallocated or unused funds.

Funding Solutions

Grants Management, Government Funds, International Funding, Capital Raise Advisory, Tax Credit and Refunds

Financial Management

Financial Audit, Compliance, Bookkeeping, Tax Advisory, Payroll Management

Strategy & Consulting

Non-profit Consulting, Business Advisory, Business Incorporation Services, Federal Contracting Consulting
Headquartered in Sacramento, CA, uProfyt is a financial consulting & advisory firm founded by Aleisha Beckum in 2016, bringing in 15 years of experience in grants management, accounting, & audits.
Operating for nigh half a decade, the firm started out with grants management, extending its services portfolio into business and financial consulting for the government sector, for-profit and non-profit organizations. The firm takes pride in its work ethic and integrity in providing holistic solutions to its clients with bespoke customer services.
At uProfyt, we engage with every client at a customized level, crafting winning strategies which are tailored for you & only you
uLearn is the upcoming company which is focused on bringing financial literacy to the masses. The firm brings a wealth of knowledge, trainings, courses and access to a library of free resources which is aimed to help individuals, businesses and non-profits achieve financial wellness.
The institute also offers certified programs in collaboration with reputed educational institutes, universities and governing bodies. Moreover, the executive faculty offers both remote learning experiences, workshops and hybrid trainings. Our job placement office also helps candidates to becomes self employed or pursuit their career full time. uLearn also teaches entrepreneurship and has customized programs for startups and new businesses.
Moreover, uLearn has customized trainings and coaching for public sector as well as large corporations.

“Water needs to be channelized to harness its strength and so is true about the importance of internal controls which disciplines grants management managing grants.”

– Aleisha Beckum

Heart Centric Service Leader

Every soul has a story about experiences, perspectives, beliefs and life changing events, I am no different. However, I have chosen to forget my stories and memorize my learnings. This comes from a position of strength, perseverance and emotional intelligence.
Against all odds, I chose to pursuit my education and graduated as an MBA. Like everyone else, my source of learning has been books and beyond. My inspiration has been some great people I met during my journey who brought me to a point that I must feel inspired from myself, my inner being, my pure heart, my professional achievements and my giving nature.
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I practiced bringing a change inside me to impact what’s outside of me. Empathy and unconditional love for fellow human beings is my driving force which has motivated me to stand for financial justice, equitable distribution of wealth and zero tolerance for corruption. I chase intelligent efficient solutions.
Yes, I have spent many nights sleeping without food and also went to school without breakfast because I could not afford. This is where I made a commitment that I would never let resources getting wasted. I ended up building a very successful corporation which is focused on ensuring that taxpayers’ monies are fully utilized efficiently and the unnecessary burden must be alleviated from their shoulders.
Today, I stand as your advocate for financial transparency and financial literacy to make America the gold standard of democracy which becomes a benchmark for other nations for equitable distribution of wealth.
Our commitment to professionalism is steadfast, as we provide our clients with the highest caliber of service, delivered with the utmost attentiveness and aptitude.
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Integrity, honesty, and transparency are the cornerstones of our firm, upholding the trust and credibility of our client relationships and the foundation of our unwavering reputation.
Justice and accountability are the standards by which we operate, conducting business with the utmost rectitude and responsibility, ensuring fairness and impartiality in all our dealings.

“Whenever a pure intentioned heartfelt empathy and expert professional integrity aligns into one, excellence becomes inevitable”.

“No one has ever achieved any mission alone and therefore the value of my relationships always precede the value of any transaction”.

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